ROP Program (Regional Occupation Program)

The Team HEAL Foundation believes it is responsible to prepare students for life after their athletic careers, as well as during. Therefore, a section of the program, called The Regional Occupation Program (ROP), is dedicated towards exposing students to the vast career opportunities in the allied health fields. Professions in the allied health field include:

Physician                                                                             Nutritionist                                             
Athletic Trainer                                                               Psychologist
Nursing                                                                                Pharmacy
Physical Therapy                                                            Radiology Technician

The ROP courses are taught by Team HEAL’s Certified Athletic Trainers. Teaching this course goes above and beyond the call of duty for the typical Certified Athletic Trainer. Practical sports medicine subjects such as: human anatomy, medical terminology, aspects of kinesiology, and nutrition are just some of the topics covered in the course.

Team HEAL has an immense interest in each student as a whole person, not just as an athlete. Participation in athletics is often the door to an exciting world of possibilities for young athletes growing up in under-served communities.

Student-athletes learn valuable lessons about individual responsibility, teamwork, discipline, and self-esteem.


Beginning in 2008, thanks to our generous donors, Team HEAL began awarding annual college scholarships to student athletes.

To date we have given 44 student athletes scholarships valuing $88,000

To Qualify Students must:

Participate in athletics at a Team HEAL school
Be a High School Senior in full-time status at a Team HEAL school
Have a cumulative G.P.A. minimum - 3.0
Have proof of Enrollment at one of the following higher education institutions:
                     Four-year accredited college
                    Two-year community college
                    Accredited Vocational School

Team HEAL Accolades

 Team HEAL Marathon Charity - Los Angeles, 2010
Team HEAL Named Marathon Charity - Los Angeles Sentinel, 2006
City of Carson honoring Team HEAL - 2006
LA School District Commendation - 2005
For Not-So-Well-Heeled Athletes, a Healing Touch - LA Times, 2004
Doctor Provides a Shield for High School Athletes - LA Times, 1996
The Promise of Athletic Prowess - Dina L. Bunvell

Scholarships & Education

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