Team HEAL takes a proactive stance towards concussion prevention and awareness


In 2015 Team HEAL in conjunction with LAUSD implemented an innovative program to educate, train, and care for athletes who sustained concussions. The project focuses on our female student-athlete population who are widely underserved in the concussion community.  The goals of this 3 year program are to increase the overall care for this serious brain injury while increasing the awareness for our athletic trainers, parents, and coaches.

To date, we have spent over 45 hours talking and working with athletes, coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, and school administrators communicating the knowledge behind concussion safety and the importance of reporting injuries. This platform has allowed Team HEAL to reach those directly involved in the care of LAUSD athletes by dispelling myths that ultimately may impede the process of recovery.

Using the revolutionary product C3 Logix (a cloud based cognitive testing tool), we are able to test more athletes faster while getting all of the necessary data that may be affected upon receiving a concussion. Working with renowned sports neurologists, we have been able to utilize telemedicine platforms to increase the contact of our athletes with sports medicine professionals.

As we move forward, we will spend time trying to change the culture of knowledge regarding concussions while putting into place precise policies and procedures at each school to increase student-athlete safety.
The support of LAUSD has been unparalleled and the care being provided, as with our day-to-day operations will continue to follow the gold standard.

For more information regarding concussion safety and programs, please use the link below: