Team HEAL’s proven health care model for schools is changing lives and affecting healthcare outcomes


The community had suffered the tragic loss of one football player due to heart complications after a game, and Dr. Shields had been approached on numerous occasions by school coaches asking him to provide medical care and surgeries pro bono for injured athletes. After performing several medical treatments for students free of charge, Dr. Shields decided something more must be done for these unprotected student athletes. 

At that point, The Team HEAL Foundation was born, and it has since touched the lives of over 30,000 students. The foundation has worked with several high schools since its founding, but now provides its services to the 2,500 student-athletes at Banning, Dorsey, Carson, Crenshaw, and Westchester High Schools.

Founded by Clarence L. Shields Jr., M.D. in 1994, Team HEAL was developed as a direct result of the severely diminished statewide budget cuts to school sports programs. Before Team HEAL’s inception, Dr. Shields was the practicing team doctor for the Los Angeles Rams. During this time, Dr. Shields had been volunteering his services as team doctor to local inner-city high schools as well. 


Barbara J. Shields


For the past 10 years, as the co-founder of Team HEAL, Barbara has been responsible for the fundraising, public relations and day-to-day management of the program, monitoring the full-time Certified Athletic Trainers and oversees the team of volunteers who work closely with the participating schools. Her leadership of Team HEAL’s fundraising efforts during the period of 2001 to date has succeeded in raising over $600,000 for the foundation.


Clarence L. Shields Jr., M.D., Founder

Barbara J. Shields, Executive Director
Doris M. Dillard, President
Cage Johnson, M.D., Vice President
Angela Shields Shelton, Secretary
Kelly Ann Henry, Treasurer
Jay B. Lake, Esq., Legal Counsel

Rodney Gabriel M.D.

Brian Irvine
Dan Isaacs
Kevin Johnson
Leslie Harrison-Moorehead
Byron Oliver Patterson M.D.

​Vernon Williams M.D.


JL Armstrong

Vange Felton, M.S.

Pat Prescott

Gary Vitti