Team HEAL treats injured student athletes and teaches them how to play safe




Over the past 19 years Team HEAL has administered over 30,000 free physicals to high school student athletes.


Team HEAL’s crown jewel is our Annual Pre-Participation Physical Examination. Pre-Season Physical exams are a requirement for participation in high school athletics. Student athletes from our schools receive a comprehensive physical exam free of charge! Hundreds of students are seen by volunteer Team HEAL doctors to ensure that the highest quality medical treatment is given. Team HEAL has been successful in discovering potentially life threatening conditions and pre-existing injuries that could have affected their futures.


Team HEAL started as an idea. Now thousands of student athletes have been impacted by the services we provide.

Certified Athletic Trainers are on campus every day. The athletic trainers perform a variety of services, which include:

Emergency coverage for practices and games
Prevention of athletic injuries
Evaluation of athletic injuries
Treatment of athletic injuries
Rehabilitation of athletic injuries
Strength and conditioning

Concussion Recognition and Management

An Athletic Training Room is located at each high school which includes medical equipment and supplies provided by the Team HEAL Foundation, Inc. Each athletic training room has:

Treatment tables
Therapeutic modalities
Rehabilitation equipment
Ice machine
Taping supplies
And Much More!

Team HEAL Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides full-time Certified Athletic Trainers to under-served public high school athletic programs. 

Team HEAL aims to protect the health and future of student athletes by providing world class medical care. This includes injury prevention and treatment services, strength and conditioning, nutrition education, and exposure to careers in health related fields.

Currently, Team HEAL is located at the following schools: Banning High School, Carson High School, Crenshaw High School, Dorsey High School and Westchester High School.